【KISHITSU for the world】
Q,我們能做什麼, 如果我們學習 KISHITSU 從古代東方思想?

A1,You 能深深地瞭解自己, 就像鏡子一樣,
你可以用鏡子看你的臉. You can look at your essence with KISHITSU.

A2, It increases your self-acceptance and self-affirmation by knowing your essence well.

A3,You also know others deeply and the meaning of the relationship with others.
It relieves the stress of communication.

A4,In business, you can know your clients deeply. It increases customer satisfaction.

A5, It strongly supports team buildings not only in business but also in family, friends and sports.

A6, You can know your lucky color by KISHITHU, if you use that proposal for business,
it will be unique innovation tool.

A7,Every relationship has the meaning from KISHITSU,
this idea will help people grow and become happy.
If you understand KISHITHU deeply, this idea will be even philosophical.