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2017年12月19日 : Specialized studies course!

2017年12月18日 : At the new year come to the Portopia Hotel.

2017年12月17日 : LINE stamps now!

2017年11月26日 : Surveys help us thank you

2017年11月22日 : Invitations to events at the Salon

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Air quality consultant Association is the story of Yin-Yang and the five elements thought and the fun of air quality,
Per month for an air quality forecast (like telling it is) to convey the
Lots of content, such as the Qi quality forecast newsletter published monthly twice.

Ki quality horoscope it's not done, so let's talk about the air quality forecast
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1st and 15, are published every month.
Knowing the essence of the person and others from Ki
Useful for better communication.
And will lead to world peace!

Know anyone born of their meaning and challenges
In order to lead a rich and happy life
We will spread the wisdom from the old air quality.

In 2027, 10 years after the world during second grade 180000 people, air quality consultant
Certified instructor, 300 diagnostic quality Ki 1st person is 26,000 people have emerged.
It is a companion with air quality, create world peace!

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Air quality also the Yin-Yang and the five elements thought from ancient wisdom. Baton of the wisdom
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The following will hold 9/1/2018!
General Association air quality consultant Association Symposium.
Good health is the theme of the next

1 Symposium held on the theme the parent-child relationship
To children in Typhoon including near 80
Participated. Thank you very much.
Thank you for all who attended.

2017 秋のシンポジウムチラシ

"Second-class air quality consultant to be! "
2 air quality consultant is comfortably casual companions spread the air quality. Air quality is fun! Aim is to make you feel it. No renewal or month dues. 10 years later, Japan as well as to the world total 180000 people second-class air quality consultant makes is vision.

"Working with level 1 air quality consultant! "
In level 1 air quality consultant and can air quality diagnosis at an additional cost. Ki quality certificate of the association with one person ¥ 3000(30Minutes or more) in a diagnosis. Combine your own content is free. And holding tea parties and events, spreading the word: Qi diagnosis.
10Years after Japan is created all over the world to 26000 people level 1 air quality consultant to Central!

"Learning and to be promoted as a master air quality consultant specialized studies course.
As an air quality consultant for human enhancement, technology specialized studies course in 2018 than on-site.
4 column thrust VITACE philosophy, VITACE Numerology, Ki diagnosis can learn in one frame two hours compelling content, such as a study on the life. First-stage, 2-stage, depending on the number of frames we promoted and three-stage. Senka lesson are available only the level 1 air quality consultant at least. After attending the master consultant (first stage), changes the name in the master consultant (stage 2) and in association.
"Become a certified instructor, to contribute to the development of air quality consultant training and Association.
As a class 1 air quality consultant experience, get a certified instructor recommended course certified instructor course, grade 1 and grade 2 air quality consultant course to that you can.